5 gallon buckets of hydraulic oil

We wholesale automotive and heavy-duty lubricants, plus many other maintenance and performance fluids.

As an industry leader and innovator, Dennis Oil Company is committed to manufacturing and distributing technologically advanced lubricants. We protect your valuable equipment in the most severe operating conditions. We also provide hydraulic oils, anti-freeze, diesel exhaust fluid, greases, metal-working fluid, form oil, brake fluid, starting fluid, cleaners, and other maintenance products to meet your needs. We help companies reduce overall operating costs through increased uptime, better productivity, and lower maintenance expenses.

Quality you can trust

All of our engine oils are certified by the American Petroleum Institute, the governing body for engine oils. They all meet or exceed the OEM specifications and some are actually certified by the OEMs directly.

Dennis Oil Company manufactures a complete line of chemically superior lubricants designed to lubricate virtually every type of commercial and industrial equipment. We can supply a quart or hundreds of gallons (see our Bulk Oil Volume Options).

Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

High-performance engine oils, including premium multi-grade CK-4 Plus for heavy-duty trucks, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic, and heavy-duty low-ash for natural gas. Learn more

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

An industry-standard liquid used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine.

Automotive-Passenger Car Motor Oils

Multi-grade automotive oils for passenger cars, semi-synthetic, fully-synthetic, dexos-approved, and Motorcraft. Learn more

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils to handle any hydraulic system, R &O, anti-wear, J20-C, and Cat applications. Learn more

Oil and Fuel Additives

Premium diesel-fuel improvers, gasoline-fuel additives, as well as oil additives and friction reducers.


High-temperature, extreme-pressure, open-gear, and semi-fluid greases, including universal, food-grade, moly, high shock & load, sprayable, and roller lube.

Gear Lubricants

Specialty high-performance gear lubricants for industrial and automotive applications including multi-grades, sprayable open gear, and food-grade oils.

Transmission Fluids

Multi-purpose transmissions and transdraulic fluids for heavy-duty trucks, passenger cars, and tractors.

Compressor Oils

Compressor oils for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors, as well for food-grade applications.

Bar and Chain Oils

Specialty anti-wear wire rope lubricants, chain-and-cable lubricants, and bar-and-chain oil.

Food Grade Lubricants

Premium food-grade grease, food-grade compressor oil, food-grade hydraulic oil, food-grade gear & bearing oil, and food-grade spray grease.

Industrial Oils

Specialty and multi-purpose turbine oil, oven-chain lubricants, power steeringfluid, premium food-grade machine oils, form oil, heat-transfer oils, and rock-drill oils.


Specialty hand, degreasers, asphalt cleaners, and industrial-strength cleaners for a variety of applications.


Heavy-duty extended life, oat, noat, green anti-freeze, and universal gold options are available.

Shop Equipment

We can also supply oil pumps, hose reels, meter guns, and other necessary gear.

Meet Our Experts

Find out how Dennis Oil Company can find solutions to your problems. Call us any time to discuss your business needs. We’re happy to visit your job site to make an assessment and develop a plan customized just for you.