5 gallon buckets of hydraulic oil

Bulk Oil Volume Options

Whether you need a quart or hundreds of gallons, Dennis Oil Company delivers a consistent supply of industrial and automotive lubricants.

A variety of sizes to fit your business

Large metal oil tank

Bulk Volumes

A white 300 gallon plastic oil tank with a supportive metal cage

Large Totes

A red 55-gallon metal barrel of oil

55 Gallon Drums

Gallons & Quarts

Never worry about running out of oil again

When we place tanks at a facility, we typically maintain them on a “keep-full” basis. We personally monitor your product inventory and track the pace at which you use each product. And we make sure to deliver more product before you run out.

You don’t have to worry about calculating when you will need to reorder products or how long it will take to get them delivered. We take care of these details, so you can focus on running your business.

We deliver directly to your shop or job site

With four warehouse locations across central and southern Missouri, we routinely deliver to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Other oil distributors can take weeks to process an order. But we work hard to respond quickly to your needs.

We can also supply oil pumps, hose reels, meter guns, and other necessary gear.