About 10 large oil storage tanks at Dennis Oil Company's headquarters Springfield, MO

Why Choose Us?

Family owned since 1940, Dennis Oil Company builds life-long relationships with customers. We’re a “mid-major” oil company – one of the region’s largest manufacturers and wholesalers of lubricants and industrial supplies. With 80+ years of product knowledge, we can solve any problem you’re facing.

A History of Service

Owner Jeff Dennis in the warehouse surrounded by barrels of oil.
Third-generation Owner Jeff Dennis

Dennis Oil Company was founded by my grandfather Hugh P. Dennis in 1940. We’ve evolved over the past 80 years, from selling case goods for old-fashioned service stations to supplying bulk products for trucking, manufacturing, excavation, and quarrying companies.

Expert industry knowledge

We also provide more than 80 years’ worth of lubrication product knowledge and experience, with a focus on in-person customer service.

Our salespeople are trained to get as much knowledge of the products as they possibly can. And we back up our knowledge with samples, laboratory testing, and detailed reports.

Real, in-person customer service

We always put the customers first.

We build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We get to know their business inside-and-out, so we can provide the best solutions.

Some of my best friends were my customers originally. I know our customers, and I know their families. Many of our customers have my cell phone number. They call me directly. The customer can actually get to the president of the company and ask a question.

We don’t do business through an online portal. People prefer to deal with people. When you call Dennis Oil Company, you won’t have to push a bunch of buttons to reach a person.

We know you need supplies to keep your business running, so we’ll take your call right away. If they have a problem, we’re going to solve their problem – whatever it takes.